Why Does a Solar Power System Make Sense for You?

Why Does a Solar Power System Make Sense for You?

It’s no secret that Australia’s sunny climate makes a solar power system a practical choice for Australian homes and businesses. According to The Australian Institute (TAI), new studies show that solar power systems are Australians’ most desired energy option for the future.

That means that if you’re considering updating your home or business building’s energy sources, a solar system should be at the top of your list.

A Solar Power System Makes Economic Sense

Research indicates, says TAI, that the price of natural gas will rise. Solar power, however, is free outside of the equipment required to collect it.

As for fossil-fueled electricity, Australia has some of the highest prices on the planet. When you take yourself off the ‘grid’ and allow the sun to fuel your home or business with solar power, you’ll pay less for energy.

As far as the national economy goes, the solar power collection process can provide jobs to people who live in the nation’s most remote regions. In addition, those companies who manufacture or sell solar collection equipment provide work for people in both urban and rural areas.

Solar Systems Make Better Ecological Sense

According to TAI, solar energy may be able to reduce Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels by 60 per cent. As fossil fuel use decreases, so will greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, the process of harnessing solar energy makes little impact on the environment. As TAI points out, the land areas in which homes and businesses collect solar power take few hectares away from the nation’s farmlands.

Solar Systems Provide Better Health Benefits

With fewer greenhouse gases in the air, Australians will certainly breathe easier. Furthermore, solar industry workers face fewer health risks than do those in the fossil fuel industry.

Solar Power Promises More Future Value

The TAI report concludes that solar is Australia’s favourite choice for their future energy needs. Ninety per cent of Australians, the report says, want more solar energy.

As solar technology increases in efficiency, so will its cost-effectiveness. That ninety per cent will likely rise as more Australians see solar as a sensible alternative to fossil fuels.

That means that homes and business buildings that install solar power systems will fare better in the future real estate market. Homes with more desirable features make other homes obsolete, after all.

Just as in the early 20th century, gas and electric-powered homes brought higher prices for their owners than did homes with only a fireplace for heat, solar homes will soon eclipse standard homes in price.

Get in on the Ground Floor of the Solar Power Movement Now

Though Australia’s favourable conditions and its citizens support it, the country currently produces only average amounts of solar power, TAI reports. That gives Australian homes and businesses an excellent opportunity to take advantage of solar power’s future growth by installing solar systems now—while they’re still affordable.

That’s where we come in. At Arise Solar, we install systems that come with a 25- to 30-year warranty. Not only that, but we also provide a ten-year installation warranty. In addition to the future value you’ll enjoy when you go solar, you’ll have the confidence that your system will serve you well now.

Approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC), our work makes us the trusted solar power solutions provider throughout Australia. We provide customised solar systems for both homes and businesses, so you’ll get the exact system your building requires to provide adequate power.

Even if you can’t afford the entire cost now, we offer easy financing solutions for our valued customers. The value you’ll realise after you go solar will more than make up for the cost.

To learn more about what a solar power system can do for you, contact us for your free quote today.

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