50kw solar system

50kW Solar System

Arise Solar provides a number of large solar power installations for commercial enterprises. Our 50kW solar system is big enough for medium-sized applications across Australia. Whether you’re running a large warehouse, an office complex, or something else entirely, modern businesses rely on steady and affordable power for every part of their operation. A 50kW solar panel and inverter system from Arise Solar is an affordable and sustainable way to meet the power demands of your business. If you’re searching for the lowest 50kW solar system cost in the country, please give us a call today.

50kW solar panel

Here at Arise Solar, we have the experience and industry expertise required to install and maintain solar power systems across Australia. With representatives in most states and happy customers across the country, we can create a solar power system that meets the demands of your industry sector. Our leading 50kW solar system utilises tier-1 solar panels in an efficient 185 X 275 W configuration. An efficient 50kW solar inverter works alongside the panels to provide your business with affordable and reliable electricity at all times. While we also provide a large 100kW solar system to meet the demands of large applications, 50kW is the perfect size for many businesses.

When you work with Arise Solar, you can be assured of friendly customer service and clear communication at every stage of the process. If you have any questions about the solar technology or installation process used, all you have to do is ask. Our experienced and highly qualified installers have extensive experience performing solar installations. Our industry expertise is matched by a range of consumer protections, including individual warranties on our products and all aspects of our workmanship.

Our 50kW solar panel and inverter system provides peace of mind to Australian businesses, with standard protections including a 10-12 year manufacturer warranty, 10-year workmanship warranty, and 25-30 year performance warranty. We also provide a range of flexible finance options to suit the needs of our customers, along with the promise of no lock-in contracts at any time. When you deal with Arise Solar, you can be assured of transparent customer service and trusted protection at all stages of the process. If you’re looking for the most competitive 50kW solar system cost in Australia, please give us a call today.