Solar Services

Solar Panel Services

Arise Solar provides a number of quality solar services that complement our residential and commercial solar business. Our solar panel services include solar power installation, solar power cleaning, and solar power maintenance. Whether you’re purchasing a small 5kW solar system for your home or buying a large 50kW system for your business, it’s important to have access to a full-service team who can help you at every step of the way.

Solar installation

Here at Arise Solar, we have access to a trusted installation network spanning across the entire country. From the inner-city of Sydney through to the suburbs of Brisbane and Adelaide, we can install solar panels quickly and with minimum disruption to your daily schedule. Our team of installers are fully qualified and have experience working in a range of residential and commercial environments. We provide a number of protections for our customers, including a 10-year warranty on our installation and workmanship, a 10 to 12-year manufacturer’s warranty, and a 25 to 30-year performance warranty on all of our solar products.

Solar cleaning

While solar technology is fairly low maintenance, there are a number of things you can do to improve efficiency and ensure years of trouble free use. Cleaning your solar panels regularly is a great way to ensure maximum efficiency, with dirt and grime on photovoltaic panels capable of reducing energy production. While solar panel cleaning is a fairly simple operation, professional equipment and experience are often needed to ensure the safety of the solar panels and people involved. Here at Arise Solar, we provide a comprehensive solar panel cleaning service on all solar panels, along with expert advice to keep your solar system in tip-top shape in all weather conditions.

Solar maintenance

We also offer master maintenance and solar system analysis. As Australia’s leading solar service company, we take care of every aspect of maintenance and repair. A solar system analysis can help you to recognise under-performance issues related to dead cells, dirty cells, or ageing components. Whether you’re running a small family home or a large commercial operation, detailed solar service can improve the amount of energy that you’re generating and ensure access to sustainable solar power for years to come. Here at Arise Solar, we are the solar service company you can trust.