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Complaints Handling Policy

1. Policy

1.1 This policy is intended to ensure that Arise Solar Pty Ltd (“we”/“us”/“Arise”) handle complaints effectively.

2. Definitions

2.1 For the purposes of this policy:
(a) Complaint means an expression of dissatisfaction made to or about us, relating to our products, services, staff or our handling of a complaint, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected or legally required. For example, a complaint may include, any expression of dissatisfaction with a solar pv system offered or provided, with the sales process or salesperson, or with our complaints handling procedure;

(b) Complainant means any person, organisation or their representative making a complaint.

3. How to make a complaint

3.1 You may make a complaint:
3.1.1 By logging a ticket on our online ticket system (further instructions are provided in Appendix A);
3.1.2 By calling us on 1300 274 737;
3.1.3 By writing to us addressed to the “Complaints Handling Officer” by email to or by post to PO Box 3079, Sunnybank QLD 4109.

4. Principles of objectivity

4.1 Your complaint will be handled in an equitable, unbiased and objective manner. Our aim is to resolve the complaint without assigning blame.
4.2 We will comply with the following principles when managing your complaint:
4.2.1 Impartiality – We will avoid any bias in dealing with your complainant, the person you complain about or Arise.
4.2.2 Confidentiality – We will treat your identity confidentially.
4.2.3 Completeness – We will find out all of the facts in handling the complaint;
4.2.4 Accessibility – You may make your complaint at any reasonable point or time;
4.2.5 Equitability – We will give equal treatment to all people;

5. Three level model of complaint handling

5.1 Our complaint management system incorporates three levels of complaint management:
5.1.1 Level 1: Frontline complaint handling – early resolution
5.1.2 Level 2: Internal assessment, internal investigation, facilitated resolution or review

5.1.3 Level 3: External assessment, investigation, ADR or review.
5.2 Our aim is to resolve the majority of complaints at the first level-the frontline. At each level either the complainant or we can decide to escalate the issue to a higher level. However there may be serious cases where either party can escalate the case to the highest level.
5.3 Level 1: Frontline complaint handling – early resolution
5.3.1 It is our aim to address the majority of complaints by frontline or early resolution.
5.4 Level 2: Internal assessment, internal investigation, facilitated resolution or review
5.4.1 The seriousness of some complaints will be escalated to the second level of complainant handling. Or if a complainant is dissatisfied with how their complaint was handled at Level 1, they can request that the complaint proceed to the second level. Internal assessment – The information provided by you will be assessed to determine whether, and if so how, the complaint can be dealt with by Arise. Such an assessment might consider such issues as- the nature and seriousness of the matters alleged; the complainant’s desired outcome; whether there is any utility in taking the matter further; the adequacy of the information provided; the options available to address the complainant’s concerns; the appropriate level at which the matters alleged or complained about can be addressed by Arise; Internally facilitated resolution – Where Arise’s line manager talks with you to see if some form of mutually acceptable resolution can be achieved. Where appropriate, this process may include facilitating a discussion between the frontline staff member, line manager and the complainant. Internal investigation – Investigating allegations that raise significant issues for either Arise or you. Depending on the circumstances, such investigations may be undertaken by an appropriate manager or an external advisor. Internal review – A more senior member of staff or a line manager may review the decision of the frontline staff member or the outcome of any internal assessment or investigation of the complaint. Appropriate senior staff should be given a broad discretion to overturn previous decisions and apply remedies.

5.5 Level 3: External assessment, investigation, ADR or review

5.5.1 If we are unable to resolve your complaint in Level 1 and/or Level 2, or if you are dissatisfied with the outcome that we have made in Level 1 and/or 2, then you may refer the matter as follows: Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs
If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can refer the complaint to with the relevant Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs office in your state or territory, as follows.
ACT: Access Canberra | Phone: 132281
NSW: Fair Trading | Phone: 13 32 20
NT: Consumer Affairs | Phone: 1800 019 319
Qld: Office of Fair Trading | Phone: 13 74 68
SA: Consumer and Business Services | Phone: 13 18 82
Tas: Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading | Phone: 1300 654 499
Vic: Consumer Affairs | Phone: 1300 558 181
WA: Consumer Protection | Phone: 1300 304 054
ACCC: Australian Competition & Consumer Commission | Phone: 1300 302 502 Court or Tribunal
If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint by Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs, you may approach the relevant Court or Tribunal in your State/Territory.

6. Complaints register

6.1.1 All complaints, and outcomes of each complaint will be logged in our Complaints Register.

7. Keeping you informed

7.1.1 We will advise you as soon as possible of receipt of your complaint and the expected timeframe for resolution of that complaint.

8. How long will we take to deal with your complaint

8.1.1 We will advise you of the outcome of your complaint within 21 days of receipt.
8.1.2 However where additional time is required we will inform you of the need for more time to complete the investigation and we will complete the investigation within 45 days of receipt of the complaint.

9. No cost

9.1.1 There is no cost involved to you for making a complaint. However if you are dissatisfied with the our outcome of your complaint, and/or the outcome of Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs body, and if you decide to pursue your complaint with your local Court or Tribunal, then you will have to pay the Court or Tribunal a filling fee.

10. Unreasonable conduct

10.1.1 Complaint conduct is likely to be unreasonable where it involves behaviour which, because of its nature or frequency, raises substantial health, safety, resource or equity issues for Arise or its staff. Examples include unreasonable persistence, unreasonable demands, unreasonable lack of cooperation, and unreasonable arguments and unreasonable behaviour.
10.1.2 We request that complainants treat our staff with respect at all times.

11. Acknowledgments

11.1.1 This policy has been drafted taking into account the Australian and New Zealand Standard Guidelines for complaint handling in organizations AS/NZS 10002:2014.

12. Online ticket system

How to make a complaint using a ticket on our online ticket system

  1. Go to and click on “Support” on the top right hand corner of our website.
  2. Click “New Support Ticket” and you will be taken to the following screen:

  1. Select either “Sales”, “Installation”, “Services” or “Account & Billing” for the question “What do you need help with
  2. then select “Other” in “What can we help you with
  3. then populate your email address, Contact number and Property address
  4. then populate your Invoice/Quote/Project number or if you don’t have one please leave this field blank.
  5. Then type in “Complaint” in the subject field.
  6. Provide a brief description of your complaint in the field “Description”.
  7. If you would like to attach any supporting documentation please click “+ Attach a file” and then attach your documentation.
  8. After you have completed filling in the form, please click on Submit

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1 days ago

I can’t Thank Enough , Nrupal , Amber , Ajith from Arise Solar team for their excellent customer first mindset and helping resolve issue very very quickly


1 hr ago

A very smooth solar experience from quotation to installation. Thanks to Chandler, Brock and the team at Arise Solar and to the installer Buddy. Very good service all round

Nada B.

1 hr ago

Excellent Service Highly Recommended. Very Happy with the Service . Thankyou

Les C

2 days ago

Our representative Jason was excellent. Very helpful and explained everything very well. The whole process was very smooth and solar system installation very quickly. Would definitely be recommending Arise Solar.

Kim k

6 days ago

Great service from start to finish. Brock was fantastic from the start to finish


2 days ago

Arise solar has been really easy to communicate with especially Melvin

gagan a.

4 days ago

Have been really impressed by the customer centricity and strong desire to provide best experience by Noah. He has able to make the entire experience seamless and really listened well. He also gave me the best deal which no other provider could match. Would definitely recommend for any Solar Power needs.

Arise solar went above and beyond showing professional support and service, with no problems to big. Thanks to Maria
well done !


1 Week ago

Efficient service and prompt help thanks very much. Easy installation

JEFF, and the team were great. Would recommend to others.

Brock has been very helpful in stalling my solar panels. My installation took only 7 days from start to finish that is very quick

Dallas F.

1 Week ago

Melvin from Arise Solar was punctual and informative. He kept us up to date with the installation process and supplied all the information we requested. The installed system is performing to is advertised specifications

Veera J.

1 Week ago

We got help from Cody today who is extremely supportive, and very good with the knowledge.

Sorouj H

1 Week ago

Couple of years ago we installed solar panels for our house it is very nice to have one, saves lots of money, and just last week we made a Deal for our son’s house too so they can start saving money as well.
Thanks to Brock who made it all possible.

Andre B.

1 Week ago

I have had a 6.6kw Arise Solar system for 5 years now without problem. I have just installed a second Arise Solar 6.6kw system comprising DAS Solar panels and Jinko Inverter and 15KW Jinko battery. Happy with the install and Melvin for making the whole process easy. The latest functionality of the Ap to understand the power being produced, consumption and battery status is very easy, I am now 100% self sufficient in energy and exporting excess power. Very happy with the service.

Staff very easy to talk to installation easy we will use arise solar again

Brendan at Arise Solar organised Solar to be fitted and the tradesmen were professional and a great job and I would highly recommend them


2 Week ago

Very helpful, patient and professional. Would recommend her to everyone who needs help.

Good service . Prompt Install. Checked prices and found this to be a good price

Mani johny

2 Week ago

good product and good quality easy and understand very helpful services team Brock and Chandler

Maria was very helpful and patient with answering my queries and setting up my solar monitoring app .


Ken C

5 days ago

Arise solar were amazing and very helpful rhea the service person was so helpful and made you feel valued . I would recommend Arise to anyone wanting solar


Anne Jackson

6 days ago

Both Nancy and Symon were very professional with the installation and support with our solar system. Very happy customers.


Anthony Khalil

6 days ago

Arise solar great exsperianc. To easy to upgrade solar. Roger, the salesman, was fantastic.
Brock from account was also excellent.
The installation was hassle free quick neat and efficient.


Maria thank you so much for your support. Your professionalism is above and beyond.
Good work


Naseem Khalid

1 Week ago

Thank you so much Amber! Amber arranged a service man promptly which I really appreciated – efficient & lovely to deal with


Installation was first class, the installers were friendly and efficient.
Brock was very efficient


Mark Rapkins

1 Week ago

Quick response. Quick to install.


Greg McMahon

2 Weeks ago

Cody was quick to respond to my request to transfer the warranty on an Arise Solar System for a house I recently purchased

great service quick and fast very happy chandler great service


Karen Mathers

2 Weeks ago

I am very happy with the installation. Trust led the team and worked quickly and quietly. Joy was my initial contact, great communication, Brock followed up. Thankyou. Karen Mathers.


Charanjeet Singh

2 weeks ago

Recently, I had the pleasure of dealing with Arise Solar, and I must commend them for their exceptional customer service. Specifically, I would like to highlight the outstanding assistance provided by Rhea. She was incredibly knowledgeable and patient, answering all my questions without hesitation. Her perseverance in ensuring that I had all the information I needed was remarkable. Rhea’s excellent customer service skills greatly contributed to my positive experience with Arise Solar. It’s clear that they prioritize customer satisfaction and employ individuals who are dedicated to upholding these values. I highly recommend Arise Solar for anyone in need of their services, and I am confident that their team, especially representatives like Rhea, will go above and beyond to meet your expectations.


Hamid Mirbaha

3 weeks ago

Excellent service and on-time installation. Thanks Symond for making it so simple. The whole thing went very smoothly.. one happy customer! 😊


Randy Ibanez

3 weeks ago

I would like to thank Arise Solar; they’ve delivered what they promised. My family and I are so happy for their efficient work. Massive thanks to Andian Miller for assisting us during inquiry stage!! Now, just waiting on our savings😊


Very happy with Arise solar. Installation team and communication with Arise Solar team very professional. Great value for money!


steven prats

3 weeks ago

Awesome communication and easy transaction. Thumbs up!

Amy Hughes

3 weeks ago

Symond was very helpful with my inquiry. Symond’s communication was great via phone and email. Directions were easy to follow.


Jan Broodryk

3 weeks ago

I can highly recommend them. I received great support and information prior to purchase and install. Installation was within a week and completed on the same say. Alex in sales was great and I would recommend him.


Marlon Macatual

4 weeks ago

Technician is great! Installation is quick upon application.

The installation was done at a very high standard. The team was very professional and they did a very neat and clean job. Thank you so much Maria and the team.

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Our bills used to average about $600 a quarter. After installation of the system our bill came in at around $35. We were a little bit skeptical at first, but it’s been a good financial investment.

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I chose Arise Solar after doing my research. The lady over the phone was very knowledgeable. The contractors are very efficient and did a great job. I am now in energy credit and it’s just been less than a month.

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I had the best experience with Arise Solar, from the proposal to installation. Arise Solar made it easy for me. I can definitely recommend Arise Solar to anyone who is interested in solar.

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Our Arise Solar representative was extremely helpful. They gave us the best quote and the information we got was just so much better than other companies. Arise Solar has reached our expectations in everything they have done for us.

Roxana & Jason Karlish View Story

6.6 KW system

Arise Solar were quick to address any concerns we had over the long-term value of the products, with the warranty available and their huge range of products. Our energy costs are zero, in fact we’re making money from our solar power now.

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