100kw solar system

100kW Solar System

Perhaps more than anything else, businesses rely on an affordable and reliable source of electricity for their day-to-day operations. Here at Arise Solar, we provide solar panel and inverter installations across Australia, from the Sydney and Melbourne markets through to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Adelaide. Our 100kW solar system is the largest in our range, with this powerful and efficient energy solution providing more than enough juice for large businesses and commercial applications. If you need a competitive 100kW solar system cost for your growing business, please give us a call today.

100kW solar panel

Here at Arise Solar, we provide a variety of solar power solutions for residential and commercial applications. Our 100kW solar panel and inverter system is capable of meeting the demands of most large operations, from warehouses and industrial buildings through to office complexes and retail stores. With tier-1 solar panels installed in a 370 X 275 W array, this 100kW solar system is a serious installation designed to meet the demands of the largest companies in Australia. Along with efficient and weather-resistant 100kW solar panel technology, we also provide a 10-year warranty on selected inverters.

Effective solar power solutions require a combination of advanced technology, expert installation, and industry protection. Here at Arise Solar, we take great pride in helping Australian businesses meet their potential through the introduction and refinement of solar power solutions. Our 100kW solar system is based on industry leading tier-1 solar panels, with this standard only given to companies who have shown a long track record of financial stability and quality control. From individual homeowners through to large multinational companies, we understand the importance of quality and service when it comes to solar installations.

Along with our great products, Arise Solar also offers a range of robust industry protections on our products and services. We offer trusted warranties for additional protection and peace of mind. Along with a solid 10-12 year manufacturer warranty on our solar panels and selected inverters, we also provide a 10-year workmanship warranty and 25-30 year performance warranty on our solar systems. If you’re looking for the best 100kW solar system cost in Australia, please give us a call today.