How to Choose a Suitable Solar Panel For You?

How to Choose a Suitable Solar Panel For You?

Solar power provides an opportunity to lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you’re a small household, a family business, or a large company, anyone can benefit from the wonders of solar power. With electricity bills rising all the time and the cost of solar technology coming down, there’s never been a better time to join the solar revolution.

Whether you want a small 5Kw Solar Panel, a medium 6.6 Kw solar panel, or a 10 Kw solar panel, Australian households have more solar power options than ever before. There are challenges to overcome, however, with so many different products on the market and accurate advice often hard to come by.

From the cost of Solar Panels through to their construction quality, capacity, and inverter, there are lots of things to think about before you make a purchase.

5 Kw Solar Panel, 6.6 Kw Solar Panel, and 10 Kw Solar Panel Cost

The cost of solar panels depends on many factors, including the size, capacity, brand, construction quality, and technology used. Larger panels will always cost more, with small 5 Kw solar panel configurations perfect for small households, and larger 6.6 Kw and 10 Kw solar panel products ideal for medium and large homes. While physical size and capacity are normally linked, this is not necessarily the case.

When deciding on a solar power system, it’s important to weigh up the panel cost against the panel value. Cheaper products might look like a good deal, but they’re likely to age quicker and may not offer the same level of performance. Along with cost and capacity, it’s important to compare the tolerance rating, the conversion efficiency, the resistance, and the relationship between durability and the available warranty.

Construction Quality

The construction quality of solar panels can vary widely, which is why a tier system has been developed to compare and contrast different products. Along with the materials used and overall construction quality, this system looks into the financial health of the manufacturer and how much investment they have put back into the industry. At Arise Solar, all of our solar panels are produced by Tier 1 manufacturers.

  • Tier 1 solar panels have been made by manufacturers with a long history of quality and innovation, including investment in research and development.
  • Tier 2 panels include a number of small and medium manufacturers, most of who have less than five years in operation.
  • Tier 3 solar panels include panel assemblers who don’t invest in research and development.

Inverters, Warranty and Support

Solar panel products are not made in isolation, with integration with inverters and switchboards also needed to ensure a full working system. While solar panels capture energy from the sun, an inverter is needed to transform this energy into usable electricity. At Arise Solar, we offer full working systems that combine solar panels with appropriate inverter solutions. Along with the technology itself, it’s always important to deal with a responsible company and get access to a solid support and warranty structure.

If you’re looking for the very best in solar power from a team you can trust, please contact Arise Solar today.

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