Why investing in a solar panel system in Brisbane is always worth it

Why investing in a solar panel system in Brisbane is always worth it

Solar energy is becoming increasingly more common in Australia and there’s no sign of the trend slowing down. At present, renewable energy meets more than 50% of Australia’s electricity demands. If you’re living in Brisbane, you’re at an advantage when it comes to using solar energy. At Arise Solar, we’re here to show you why buying solar panels in Brisbane is always worth your efforts.

You’re living in an enviably sunny city

Although solar panels function when it’s not sunny, they won’t reach their full potential. Fortunately, as one of Brisbane’s residents, you’re at an advantage. As one of Australia’s sunniest cities, it’s got great potential for those who want to generate solar energy.

When you buy a solar panel system in Brisbane, it’s always wise to find the correct size for your property. A lot of households benefit from 5 kW solar panels. However, if you want to make the most of Brisbane’s sunshine hours, you’ll benefit from us performing a thorough evaluation that identifies your ideal kW size.

You’ll enjoy improved resilience

One of the hidden benefits of purchasing solar panels in Brisbane is that you give your home’s energy supply improved resilience. If there’s a mega-storm that downs nearby powerlines and you’ve added battery storage to your solar power system, you’re less likely to face the same energy losses as those who rely on mains supply only.

Being able to produce energy even when nearby powerlines are down, is especially important when you rely on energy for medical devices and food storage. Unlike those who don’t have solar panels, you could find that you have fewer costs in the aftermath of a big storm.

You’ll waste less energy with solar panels in Brisbane

When you’re reliant on electricity, it’s surprising how much energy is wasted in the delivery of it. For electricity to make its way from the main source and to your home, it needs to take a long journey. During that journey, as much as 70% of the overall energy used is wasted.

If you want to live an environmentally-conscious lifestyle, installing solar panels is an obvious option. In addition to reducing the environmental harms that come with electricity production, you’re cutting down on the amount of energy that’s pointlessly wasted throughout the year.

You may boost your home’s value with a solar panel system in Brisbane

Did you know that 90% of Australians are now concerned about the environment? This suggests that a lot of people are open to the idea of owning a solar panel system. Because of this, you may find that adding one to your home boosts its resale value.

Similarly, if you’re renting your property out, adding solar panels could result in a higher number of tenants to choose from. When you’re trying to find a tenant, this usually means you’re more likely to secure one who’s dependable.

At Arise Solar, we install residential solar panels throughout Brisbane. We also provide commercial systems for local businesses. To learn more about our services or to get a quote, contact us

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