Finding The Perfect Size For Your Home - 5Kw Solar System VS 6.6 Kw Solar System

Finding The Perfect Size For Your Home - 5Kw Solar System VS 6.6 Kw Solar System

Getting a solar power system installed is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only will you reduce your electricity costs with each and every billing cycle, but you’ll also make a positive contribution to climate change and the overall environment. Making the jump to solar can be confusing however, with so many specifications to research and so many products to compare and contrast,  at Arise Solar, we take the hard work out of solar power and our pre-configured solar packages are available in multiple sizes with installation included.

Residential solar system packages

Residential solar panel configurations vary widely, with most systems between 3.3kw and 10kw. While capacity is not the only factor to consider when buying a solar system, it is the most important. At Arise Solar, we specialise in residential solar systems and offer three distinct sizes for customers across Australia.

  • 5kw solar system – This size is ideal for couples or young families  and can be upgraded as your needs increase or your family grows.
  • 6.6kw solar system – This size is ideal for medium and growing families and offers the perfect balance between affordability and capacity.
  • 10kw solar system – This size is ideal for large families or groups with above average electricity consumption.

Choosing between 5kw and 6.6kw solar panels

If you’re new to renewable energy and thinking about joining the solar revolution, you’re probably going to be interested in a 5kw solar panel or 6.6Kw Solar Panel. While some of our competitors also offer 6kw solar system configurations or 6.5kw solar panels, we’ve found 5kw and 6.6kw systems to be the ideal compromise between capacity and savings.

When you’re making a decision, it’s important to be realistic about your consumption needs and savings goals. Arise Solar is the perfect place to get started with solar power, with our transparent pricing structure, quality products and industry leading warranties impossible to beat. It’s important to ask yourself the following questions in order to make the right choice.

1. Do I want to reduce or eliminate my electricity bills?

2. How many appliances are in the home?

3. Are there any heated pools or other demanding applications in the home?

4. Are there plans to expand the system down the track?

5. Do I require a hybrid system with battery storage capabilities?

Regardless of your choice, Arise Solar offers high quality Tier 1 Solar Panels and inverters at unbeatable prices. If you want a 5kw solar system or 6.6kw solar system for your home, please contact the friendly team at Arise Solar today.

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