Top 4 reasons to switch to Solar NOW!

  • Can I afford solar? – Yes! Make your roof work for you.
  • Export charges are expected. Should I still get solar? 
  • Solar increases your property value!
  • Credibility assessment of your solar retailer is possible.
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September 09, 2021

Top 4 reasons to switch to Solar NOW!

If you are still on the edge, whether or not to switch to solar, Don’t worry! we have got your back. There are several reasons why one must not be willing to invest in a rooftop solar system. We are here to listen and discuss. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should switch to solar NOW and top concerns that stop you from doing so. 

1. Can I afford solar? – Yes! Make your roof work for you.

Solar is one of the most fruitful investments you can put your money in.Comparing it with other investment avenues like cars, TV and others, ROI for Solar PV system, If you consider it to be a costly affair, you may need to rethink. With the advancement  in technology and expansion in the solar industry the market has become highly competitive. It has never been so easy to find quality solar products at affordable prices. We understand there are always priorities set for the investments, with so much going around like the global pandemic and other expenses, you might not feel right to invest in solar and spend money on it. However, solar energy is the smartest investment and it’s hassle free. Solar photovoltaics (PV) and wind continue to be the cheapest sources of new electricity generation capacity in Australia, even when the integration costs of renewables are included, according to the final 2020-21 GenCost Report, released by CSIRO. You can simply book the system with Arise Solar at 0% interest finance option and $0 upfront cost. A typical 6.6kW system pays for itself within 2-5 years of time. 

2. Export charges are expected. Should I still get solar? 

Originally the Australian grid network was designed to work one way. The new rule has been designed to clear the “traffic jams” happening over the grid network system. A two way network has been initiated to avoid the worst scenarios that may occur with the increase in connection of solar systems flowing one way. The system is still going to pay back if you have a zero export limit or export charges. Installing export control devices along with your solar system can be a great idea as they can help with the excess power being exported back to the grid. Consider reading our blog Export charges are expected. Should I still get solar? The export grid charges shall apply from 2025. If you are looking at investing in solar, now is certainly the best ever time as it is important to avoid costly power from the grid and save money.

3. My roof is not fit for solar and it makes my roof look ugly – It increases your property value!

Sure there were such times, years ago, when if your roof is not facing north or is having shading issues, solar couldn’t be installed there. But with the advancement in technology it is possible to install solar considering shading. Optimizers and micro inverters can be used to increase the production of solar systems if shading stays. North is the only best direction for solar is a myth as the north west and north east sides can be used to maximize the solar production. Worried about your roof looking ugly after installation? Well you don’t need to. There are ways to fit the panels that don’t make your roof ugly. Moreover, 85% of Aussies say solar panels boost property prices, thus adding value! Speak to our technical solar experts to get the quality solar installation at your property. 

4. Solar installers are not trustworthy – Credibility assessment of your solar retailer is possible.

We agree. We agree that the solar industry is filled with a lot of untrustworthy players and thus it makes it difficult to figure out which one is the right one. There is at least one new crap solar story we come across everyday through our customers who dealt with other companies previously. The installations can be poor and or the companies can be in debt. Therefore it is necessary to do your research and choose the company wisely. Get the recommendations from your friends and family who have got solar installed and are happy with it. Also study reading online reviews of the company as online reviews of the solar company speak a lot about them. Consider reading our blog credibility assessment of your solar supplier and role of online reviews to get the better picture.

Being a Proud Australian Solar Company, our goal is to provide homes right across the country with renewable energy solutions and high quality solar energy systems. We are proud of the work we do, working towards a cleaner future for our beautiful country, while saving our valued customers money on every bill. We are more than happy to hear your solar concerns and solve them with a quality system and workmanship guarantee. It’s simple to get in touch with us and discuss further. Head to our Facebook and Instagram page, send us a message and we shall address your solar concerns. 

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