Jinko Solar Panels Review 2023

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April 28, 2022

Jinko Solar Panels Review 2023

With years of experience in the solar industry, installing solar panels on more than 28000 Australian houses and businesses, it has become easy for us to review the solar panel brands and help our customers choose the right solar products suited for their property requirements. Jinko is known for producing cost efficient and good quality products for commercial and residential purposes and is among the globe’s biggest solar panel manufacturers. In this article we shall get into a detailed discussion of Jinko solar panels, including prices, range of Jinko solar panels, warranties and physical presence of the company.

Jinko began operations in China in 2006 with the goal of satisfying solar needs in the Chinese and Malaysian markets. In 2009, the company began manufacturing solar cells, and in 2010, it got listed on the stock exchange. This decision paved the way for their rapid expansion in the global market. The company has improved the quality of its solar panels over time. Jinko has recently accepted new technologies in addition to focusing on cost-effectiveness. Their strength appears to be due to their stringent reliability testing, functional testing, research and innovation, and quality assurance procedures. 

Range of Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko, the majority of global solar PV manufacturing companies, provides a wide variety of solar modules for household, business, and other solar installations. For a bigger MW scale of operations, the company might additionally customize solar panel shapes and forms to suit different purposes. The range of Jinko Panels comprises of 4 series:

  • Tiger Neo Series 2022

The Tiger Neo series, based on high-efficiency TOPCon solar cell technology, is the most recent addition to Jinko’s panel lineup. TOPCon modules, which are based on a high-purity N-type cell circuit, are gradually becoming the modern technology standards due to their higher effectiveness than ordinary Mono PERC panels. The Tiger Neo series are available in a variety of sizes, from 460W panel to 620W, ideal for big solar farms and residential purposes. Due to their high-density cell format and high-performance N-type TOPCon cells, maximum efficiency of these panels is 22.3 percent. The NEO series comes in a variety of sizes, including 54, 60, 72, and 78 cell configurations, to suit a variety of operations.

  • Tiger Pro Series 2020

The Tiger Pro series that launched in 2020 with an unbeatable power rating of up to 580W were the second generation of the Tiger series. JinkoSolar then introduced a 610W variant of the Tiger Pro panel at the SNEC PV Power Expo in China, entering amongst one of the most efficient solar panels in the solar industry. The first launch was 530W that was gradually increased to 580W, later 600W+ as manufacturing capacity and cell efficiency improved, as a standard practice followed by the leading manufacturers.

  • Tiger Series

The highly efficient Tiger series ranges from 370W to 470W panels and includes some of the most recent advancements in PV cell technology, such as bigger cells, multi-busbar, and Jinko’s ‘Tiling Ribbon,’ or TR. Tiling ribbon is a production method wherin the panels are slightly overlapped, similar to shingled cells, in order to reduce the space among them and increase overall area, which boosts productivity. Jinko does this by joining the thin wire busbars together using a special compressing procedure. This offers the additional advantage of lowering prices and removing the requirement for lead-tainted welding. High quality, enhanced dependability, and, of course, improved efficiency are the end results of these brilliant inventions.

  • Cheetah Series

Following the outdated Eagle series, the Cheetah series was amongst the first sequence of panels named after great beasts. The Cheetah panels were first produced in 2018, and they come in a variety of sizes ranging from 325W to 340W in both the regular 60 (or 120 half-cut) cell household size and up to 410W in the larger format commercial version. According to Formbay data, Cheetah panels, notably the JKM330M-60H variant, were the most popular in Australia in 2020. Almost all of the solar installers reviewed Jinko Cheetah panels as a decent balance of quality and value for money.

Cost of Installing Jinko Solar Panels

The prices for every series and product varies in the Jinko solar panel range. However, with our experience and existing database in place we have put in the average cost of installing Jinko panels combined with moderately priced solar inverters like Growatt and GoodWe. These prices may change and vary based on the product selected and property specifications. Speak to our team to learn more about your property specifications and the brand of panels and inverter to get installed at your property.

System SizeAverage Cost
6.6kWUnder $4999
10kWUnder $8999
13.2kWUnder $11000


Jinko typically offers a 15-year product guarantee and a 25- to 30-year performance warranty. On the performance warranty, it’s more or less on par with LG and SunPower. This strongly indicates that the panels will continue to function similarly in the long term. And the best part here is Jinko has its office in Sydney, NSW to take care of all the warranty related issues and has warehouse facilities in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. 


For a valid reason, Jinko Solar has become the global solar industry’s leading solar module manufacturer. Its high-performing, cost-effective solar panels produce a lot of energy and have a high performance rating. Jinko’s international credibility and global customer support are equally vital. Jinko solar panels are for those who desire a high-quality product without the high cost.

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