How to use your Solar System in Brisbane like a Pro

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May 06, 2019

How to use your Solar System in Brisbane like a Pro

Installing a solar system in Brisbane is always an exciting prospect. With almost 20% of Australian energy now coming from solar sources, more people are choosing to use green energy than ever. At Arise Solar, we love to help our customers get more from their systems. That’s why we’re here to advise you on how to use yours like a pro.

Perform an electricity audit

Take a step back from your everyday activities and perform an honest audit of your electricity use. Do you have a habit of leaving the lights on? Are you leaving portable electronic devices to charge unnecessarily? When you make a conscious effort to cut out your bad habits, you get more from your solar energy system. To take your electricity audit to the next level, consider tracking your energy usage with a smart home device.

Use LED light bulbs with your solar system in Brisbane

Incandescent light bulbs are rapidly becoming a feature of the past. While they last for just 1,000 hours, an LED light bulb lasts for 10,000. In addition, LED tends to use less energy resulting in your solar system’s electricity production going further. If you replace all the incandescent bulbs throughout your home with an LED alternative, you should see your energy bills dip even more.

Start using an electric hot water heater

If you currently use a gas water heater instead of an electric one, it may be time to switch. As solar energy is infinite, it costs less than gas in the long-term. This is because gas is a finite resource which will continuously grow in price. If your system produces enough energy to heat your water, cut down on your gas bill by turning to an electric heater. If you’re keen to steer away from gas as much as possible, consider adding an electric hob to your home for cooking, too.

Become a daytime energy user

Identify the items in your household that use high volumes of energy and set them to work during the day. Washing machines, dishwashers, and slow cookers all benefit from pre-programming features. Additionally, you can use time-operated plugs and smart home devices for other electricity-using items. Running them when your consumption is at its highest saves a lot of energy overall. With a consistent effort, you should be able to use solar energy to cover most of your electricity-based activities.

Add battery storage to your solar system in Brisbane

If daytime energy use isn’t all that feasible, consider adding a battery storage feature to your solar system in Brisbane. Battery storage allows you to store your excess energy for use at a time that’s most convenient for you. As most people are at home and using energy during the evening or night, this makes more financial sense than only allowing your system to work its magic during the day. If you produce too much, you can also sell your energy back to the grid.

Bring solar energy to your garden

Don’t just restrict solar energy use to your house. There are plenty of ways you can bring it to your garden, too. Consider using extension leads for your mower and other outdoor devices. Use your panels to heat your pool. If you want to take a DIY approach, you can also find solar-powered outdoor lighting that’ll make your garden look aesthetically-pleasing while saving the environment.

At Arise Solar, we install solar system in Brisbane. Whether you need one that’s 6.6 kW in size, or 100 kW for your business, we can help. Contact us here for a quote or call 1300 274 737.

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