How to Choose the Best Solar Panels for Home and Business

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December 07, 2018

How to Choose the Best Solar Panels for Home and Business

You’ve decided to join the growing number of Australians who want to choose the best solar panels to help cut energy costs. Without the right advice, though, choosing the right solar power system for your home or business can be a challenge.

The solar energy experts at Arise Solar have some tips that can help you choose the perfect solar panels for your business or home. With experience that spans solar panel installation across the nation and Clean Energy Council (CEC) approval, our technicians can steer you through the sea of information about solar panels online.

What’s the Best Solar Panel Size for My Home or Business?

Getting the right size solar panel system is the key to helping you reduce your dependence on the expensive Australian power grid yet still meet your home or business’s need for adequate power. The system’s power output is more important than the size of the panels themselves. Here are the size guidelines we follow to find the best solar panels for our clients:

  • Small to medium households: Average-sized households (one to four people) use about 7,500 to 7,665 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year. For them, a 5-kilowatt system is adequate for their needs.
  • Larger households: If you have four to six people in your home, you will probably use around 9,500 to 10,500 kWh per year, which translates to a 6.6-kilowatt system.
  • Small businesses and extremely large households: If you have a small business or a household with more than six people living under your roof, you will probably need about 14,900 to 15,330 kWh per year to accommodate everyone’s needs. For large families and small businesses, we’ve found that a 10-kilowatt solar panel system works best.
  • Small businesses with more than 10 employees: If your business currently runs with 10 or so employees but plans to grow over the next few years, you’ll probably need a 30-kW system. Similarly, if your business is still small but has more than 10 employees, we usually recommend a 30-kilowatt commercial solar panel system to accommodate your needs.
  • Medium-sized businesses and organisations: Businesses and not-for-profit organisations of average size need a lot of power to meet the needs of both their own operations and the customers that come through their doors. For these commercial applications, we recommend a 50-kilowatt system.
  • Large businesses and manufacturing operations: Larger businesses and factories use a huge number of kilowatt-hours over a year’s time. For these businesses, a 100-kilowatt system will work best.

What Standards Do Quality Solar Panels Meet?

When you consider the long-term benefits of solar panels, you want a system that will go the distance, meet all the Government’s standards, and stand up under all kinds of weather. Be sure to ask potential installers about the following quality standards:

  • CEC accreditation: Firstly, only choose a solar power system and installer that have CEC accreditation. Only with CEC accreditation will you meet the eligibility criteria for small-scale technology certificates.
  • Quality materials: Secondly, choose a system made from high-quality silicone, glass, and other materials that will stand up to Australia’s often harsh climate. Solar panels must endure wind, heat, and sometimes even torrential rains—so be sure yours are built to take anything Mother Nature can dish out.
  • Lengthy warranties on both equipment and workmanship: A solar power system is a huge investment—one that should pay for itself within about seven years’ time—or even less, depending on where you live. As such, you want it to last. We recommend purchasing a system with at least a 25-year performance warranty to get the most out of your system. To avoid shoddy workmanship, insist on a 10-year installation warranty. You’ll appreciate the warranty At Arise Solar; we don’t sell solar panel systems with warranties valid for fewer than 25 years. Our workmanship comes with a 10-year guarantee.

To learn more about choosing the best solar panels for your needs, contact the CEC-accredited installation team at Arise Solar today.

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