Commercial Solar System

Rising electricity costs can adversely impact the growth of your business.
Stop wasting money on electricity and adopt solar power now!

Whether you have a small- or large-scale commercial establishment, you need a reliable electricity system that supports your growing energy needs without increasing your electricity bills. Having one of the highest electricity tariffs in the entire world, relying on the Australian grid is not recommended for commercial applications.

Access to a reliable and sustainable energy source is crucial for all businesses who want to keep rising electricity costs under control. Without renewable energy options, electricity bills can seriously affect the growth prospects of your business. As one of the leading solar energy service providers in Australia with CEC approval, we offer complete solar solutions for a range of commercial applications.

Having already served hundreds of businesses across Australia, we have the experience and expertise needed to provide effective energy solutions and quality solar products. Here at Arise Solar, we can meet the demands of your commercial establishment, including long-term warranty support and hassle-free installation.

Our Sales & Service Commitment

  • Heavy-Duty Commercial Solutions

Here at Arise Solar, we’re equipped to provide, install, and deploy heavy-duty solar systems ranging from 30-100 kW for commercial establishments across all scales. Our customised solar solutions are fully tested and ready to install in all types of commercial buildings.

  • Certified Installers

We take great pride in the comprehensive experience, industry expertise, and excellent service of our team. Certified by the CEC, our installers can provide efficient and affordable installations without stress or accidents. To give you complete peace of mind, we even offer a workmanship warranty of up to 120 months on our solar installations.

  • No Lock-in Contract

Here at Arise Solar, we believe in personal freedom and flexibility. If you choose to buy a commercial solar system from us, you will never be bound to a constricting and stressful lock-in contract.

  • Certified Best-in-Class Performance

Along with our standard 10-year warranty, we also provide an extended performance warranty of up to 25-30 years. Our trusted solar solutions have been designed to improve your immediate energy performance and take care of your commercial energy requirements for life.

  • Flexible Finance Options

When you buy a solar system from Arise Solar, you don’t have to worry about finance. We offer a number of attractive financing options for Australian businesses so you can speed up your transition to green energy.



Find out how much you can save with solar. You have nothing to lose, except some of your electricity bill.