4 ways that a solar panel system supports a greener Australia

4 ways that a solar panel system supports a greener Australia

As the nation recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s time to focus on a greener future and solar energy. With overseas travel banned for at least another three months, now is the perfect time to reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s why solar panels are a great idea, and why solar energy can support Australia’s recovery.

How solar panels work

Solar panels absorb energy from the sun and turn it into electricity. You can then use this energy to power your home or office.

But what happens if it’s cloudy or dark? Don’t worry. Solar panels are designed to support your energy needs, but you can still fall back on the main power grid to power your property as necessary.

So, now you know how solar panels work, here’s why you should add them to your home.

1: There’s little maintenance required

Solar panels aren’t just environmentally friendly. They’re also low-maintenance and last for decades — most panels last 30 years or more.

2: Solar energy boosts renewable sector employment

Australia has some of the best solar resources in the world. We aren’t running low on solar power, which means our renewable energy sector has the potential to grow exponentially. By investing in solar panels, you’re helping to create jobs in the sector and boost Australia’s employment levels.

3: You’ll notice lower electricity bills

Solar panels let you create your own renewable electricity. In turn, you’ll rely less on the power grid and cut back on your bills.

Another benefit you may not have thought of? By cutting back on grid electricity consumption, you’re helping to reduce Australia’s reliance on finite energy resources, and fossil fuels such as gas in the long term.

4: It increases your home value

A modern solar panel system is sleek and streamlined, which makes it an attractive addition to your property. What’s more, solar panels can instantly increase your home value, making it easier to sell in the future. Better house prices also indirectly boosts our economy and creates jobs.

Learn more about our solar panel services

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