4 Reasons Why Spring Is the Perfect Time for a Solar Panel Installation in Sydney

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June 29, 2020

4 Reasons Why Spring Is the Perfect Time for a Solar Panel Installation in Sydney

Sydney is known for its year-round Mediterranean-style climate. With an estimated 340 days of sunshine each year, it is the perfect location for solar panel installation.

Although it is sunny for nearly the entire year, spring is the best time to install solar panels in Sydney. There is a common misconception that summertime is the best time of year to purchase and install solar panels. Here are four reasons why spring is your best bet for both.

1. Benefit from the Australian government’s solar credits programme

Part of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target, the solar credits programme rewards homeowners and businesses for installing renewable energy sources like solar panels. Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) apply to homeowners. Waiting until after December 31 decreases the value associated with the STC and means homeowners end up paying more for solar energy. Complete the solar tax credit form to qualify.

2. Store up energy for high-demand times

Waiting until summertime to install means you will miss out on the valuable energy generation time of spring and early summer. A common misconception is that solar panels need heat to produce energy. Solar panels work by converting light — not heat — into energy. They work just as well on a sunny and mild spring day as they do on a hot summer day. Installing in spring allows homeowners to store up valuable energy for use in the higher-demand summer months.

3. Summertime demand increases wait times

Although spring is one of the best times to install solar panels in Sydney, many homeowners wait until summer to schedule installation, which may result in long delays and increased wait times. Avoid these delays by ordering your solar panels as early as the winter months, with a spring installation scheduled. Arise Solar works with our customers to select solar panels and schedule a convenient installation time.

4. Reduce wait times for energy savings

Installing solar panels is the final step in the process of converting to renewable energy in your home. There is a lot of paperwork involved that must be processed before installation can occur. Solar installation companies must confirm rebate eligibility status and ensure you get feed-in tariffs for any unused electricity your solar power system sends back to the power grid. The paperwork process can take up to five weeks to complete.

Ready to start saving on your energy bills? Arise Solar can work with Sydney homeowners now to guarantee a spring solar panel installation. Reach out to us 1300 274 737 to get started today.

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