Solar panel cleaning!! Is it worth?

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February 28, 2020

Solar panel cleaning!! Is it worth?

When it comes to electricity bills, then everyone wants to keep the figures low owing to which the solar panel system installation is quite standard these days. Not only big companies and hospitals are installing them, but these shining solar plates can be found on the rooftop of many houses.

The solar panel basically works when the solar cells absorb the light, which simply means that more the light strike on these more will be the power production. Now because these plates are installed on the roof, they are prone to accumulate solar blockers like dust, leaves, bird droppings, etc. Sometimes the debris doesn’t get washed off by just the rain itself and guess what it will do!! This blocks the sun rays to reach the solar cells that eventually lead to decreased efficiency. Thus, to have optimum performance from this considerable investment, it’s vital to clean them from time to time.

However, Solar panel cleaning depends a lot upon the climatic conditions; considering that of Melbourne then, it is known for its varying weather right from ruthless thunderstorms to heavy hailstorms. Thereby, solar panel cleaning is quite popular in Melbourne, and many solar panel cleaning Melbourne companies can be found there.

Rest for now; let’s keep the focus on frequent things that should be considered before cleaning the solar panels.

Cleaning Solar Panels!!!

  • The optimal time to clean??

In the hot shiny sun, the panels will be incredibly hot, and the water can vanish in seconds, leaving a smear of dirt. It is why it’s recommended to clean them when the sun is not that harsh, i.e., during evening or morning. However, it’s better to clean them, particularly during the morning as the overnight pearl-like dew can do a favor by softening the dirt.  This way, less water will be needed to clean the solar panels.

  • Cleaning from the ground only

Using a pipe to clean the panels while staying on the ground is safe as well as an effective technique; however, a nozzle can be attached to get a better stream of water.  However, if the panels are too highly placed and can’t be accessed, then it is suggested to grab help from professional indeed. The solar panel cleaning Melbourne experts have specific equipment and are skilled at using them for cleaning purposes.

  • Things to use for cleaning

A bunch of things like brush, soft but dense sponge, or a cloth, i.e., anything except coarse or harsh objects can be used for cleaning the panels. Trying to scrape those slab dirt will cause scratches to the glass of the panel and will ultimately reduce its efficiency.

So, the very first thing that can be done is to remove any loose debris over the panel and then go on with water.

However, there is a tip to notice that hard water (with high mineral content) is usual to settle down and deposit once it’s dried. In case there is no availability to soft water, then squeeze it well first then use it to clean the panel.

  • Stubborn Oily Stains

However, the oil stains are quite uncommon to have on solar panels; these still can act as a barrier to sun rays. Thereby, a perfect solution to these mulish stains is Isopropyl Alcohol.

Keeping these points in mind will definitely relieve the headache a bit while thinking about solar panel cleaning. However, one can clean the solar panels by yourself. Still, sometimes it is better to call a solar panel cleaning Melbourne professional to do the work, as no one wants to cause even minor damage to such a significant investment.

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