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January 11, 2023

Reduce Your Power Costs – Solar Power Your Business

Managing a business gives a distinctive professional path that enables creative freedom and self-employment. Once you have the required permits and licenses, are incorporated, and are providing a genuine product or service, you can officially be considered a business owner. But maintaining a flourishing business is a quite different matter. Taking the step to establish a business is thrilling, but for a first-time business owner, it may also be intimidating. It might be difficult to secure initial finance, worry about long-term viability, and calculate startup expenditures for a business.

There are certain business costs that are going to be recurring every quarter or monthly like electricity costs, office supplies, the rent and the payroll. Other expenses could be one time like the furniture and incorporation fees. However, a business owner needs to carefully study the expenses in order to try and reduce them to maintain the profits. 

One of the major expenses for small business owners that occur every quarter is electricity bills. Any business requires consumption of electricity, the more the usage the higher the bills. Some of the states in Australia classify the business category between large scale business and small scale business on the basis of power consumption. For example, In Southeast Queensland, the distributor will identify a company as a large market customer if it consumes more exceeding 100 MWh annually. However, Australia’s states are all distinct. Every electrical distribution network has distinct policies and costs. Each business uses energy in a unique way, and they all pay for it in a different way as well. So what can you do about it?

Install a commercial solar power system

Commercial solar is a wise financial decision. You may reduce your existing running costs, offer protection against rising energy bills, and draw in a growing number of customers who are looking for businesses that are committed to using sustainable energy sources.

Businesses and government organizations can benefit financially from investing in solar electricity thanks to government incentives and significant drops in the cost of solar equipment. Solar power investments can result in both immediate returns and long-term cost benefits.

Some of the benefits of commercial solar power systems include reducing operating costs, Tax benefits, increased property value, increased energy independence and control, smart power management, lower carbon footprints and more EV integrated opportunities. However, the process of getting solar can get overwhelming as it requires some research over the brands, company and warranties offered. 

4 Quick Steps to Get Commercial Solar

Getting a commercial solar power system can be easy if you are aware of the steps or process. For that reason we have listed down quick steps to get commercial solar below:

1. Know your electricity consumption

Consider reviewing your past 12 month’s electricity bills and if you do not have them consider the average electricity usage you are expecting. Do you think your energy consumption is going to increase in future or decrease? We know it can be difficult to figure it all out alone. If you are looking at getting solar panels on your commercial property, consider speaking to one of our experts at 1300274737 and they can help you determine your energy consumption and explain the calculations to you.

2. Research on the brands and warranties

There are various solar module, solar inverter and solar battery brands available in Australia. It is important to research the types of brands and warranties offered to you. Online reviews can be really helpful here. You may want to even read some blogs that talk about specific brands in order to learn about what is offered to you. Arise Solar works with top Tier 1 solar brands of Australia in order to offer you high quality solar solutions with reliable warranties. 

3. Getting the paperwork done and solar installed

Once you have finalized the deal, you might need to coordinate with your solar company in order to help them finish your documentation part. It wouldn’t really require much from your end but you might need to help them sign some paperwork to apply for rebates if applicable and for application approval from your electricity retailer. 

Once the documentation part is done, you need to work out the date with your solar retailer in order to get the solar installation process started. As it is a commercial solar installation it might take 2-3 days to complete the installation (It further depends on the system size and roof). 

4. Monitor and Maintenance

Once the solar system is installed you can easily choose to monitor it with any of your smart devices provided that you have combined a smart Wi-Fi inverter with your solar power system. Solar panels usually do not require much maintenance, however, it is advised to get it checked by a licensed solar inspector once in 5 years to ensure everything is up and running properly.  

Versatile commercial solar solutions with Arise Solar

Start reducing your energy costs and save money every year with a commercial solar panel system. By choosing Arise Solar , all the research is done for you. We have one of Australia’s largest solar installation networks and work with a number of providers of the highest quality, Tier 1 premium solar panel brands and solar systems. To learn more about how much you can save on your electricity bills with solar, give us a call on 1300 274 737 or enter your details here and we shall share a personalized quote with you. 

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