Hybrid Solar

Solar has caught on throughout Australia, and more homes and businesses are beginning to incorporate it. This has brought rise to hybrid solar systems, but what are they? How does hybrid solar work and what are the benefits? How can we help you?

Defining Hybrid Solar

This system is very similar to a traditional grid solar system. However, it uses batteries to store energy to use later. The ability to use batteries to store energy enables this system to work as a backup supply for your home or business.

A “hybrid solar system” refers to a system that utilises both batteries and solar energy storage. It helps you store power as back up for the nights.

How The Hybrid Solar System Works

Just like a more traditional solar system, this system lets you draw energy from the sunlight during the day. Any excess energy that your Solar System produces would charge the batteries connected to the unit. Eventually, the power that you’re not using when your system is producing would go to the grid after it’d have charged up your battery during the day. This excess goes back to the grid at your current feed-in-tariff rate.

Once the sun goes down, your home will use the batteries that your Solar System charged all day, as your electricity source. The house continues to draw from the battery in the event that you should lose power, and this is where this system really works to benefit you. However, the battery won’t stay charged forever without continual sunlight exposure.

So, this means that if your home draws more electricity than the amount your battery has, your home will start to pull electricity from your connected grid as well. It’ll do this until your setup starts producing electricity once again. You’ll constantly have a reliable electricity supply, and it’ll work to reduce electricity costs.

Benefits of Hybrid Solar

Although we briefly touched on the benefits of a Hybrid Solar System, we’re going to give you several more. Let us have a glimpse as to why Hybrid Solar System is so popular with homes and businesses throughout Australia. They include but are not limited to:

    • Backup Capabilities- You’ll never have to worry about being without electricity during an unexpected storm or bad weather. With EPS, the batteries will keep you powered up in an uninterrupted manner if anything happens.
    • Load Shifting – Load shifting refers to the practice of relying on your stored energy for power during peak usage times during the day. In turn, this reduces over overall consumption, and it can save you money.
    • Enables Energy Management – Most people work during the day and aren’t around to take advantage of the peak hours of their system. You can have your system help you manage your energy usage by shifting back and forth between sources and managing your consumption rates.

For using power during the blackouts, it is always advisable to get an EPS (Emergency Power Supply) Device. Usually the hybrid systems power you when you’re connected to the grid. With our Hybrid Solar Systems, we offer EPS devices as an option depending upon your home or business needs.

Why Choose Arise Solar for Your Hybrid System

We are a 100% Australian-owned and operated company that has a network that spans throughout Australia. Each installation comes with a full five-year warranty on the system’s performance along with a 10-year manufacturer warranty on parts. Our Hybrid Solar Systems have a proven track record of minimizing (in several cases nullifying and even going to credits) the power bills for household customers and contributing to the Return on Investment of the Businesses that rely on high electricity needs.

We offer the best prices, exceptional staff and dedicated support. If you’d like to know more about your systems, you can reach out and get in touch with our staff today!

*Hybrid system will not work without EPS in power outage. Eps will cost extra for installation.