Australia at risk? – Renewable energy is the solution.

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October 01, 2021

Australia at risk? – Renewable energy is the solution.

What if the world gets warmer by 3 degree Celsius? Earlier, in March 2021, Australian Academy of Science published a detailed report stating the risks to Australia of a 3 degree Celsius warmer world. A report released by IPCC states that Human influence has warmed the climate at a rate that is unprecedented in at least the last 2000 years. A graphical interpretation and summary to the report is shown below:

Image Source:

Australia is the land of extreme weather conditions and natural calamities. From bush fires to floods and earthquakes, we have seen it all just by the world getting warmer by 1 degree Celsius. The devastating effects of bushfires are still nightmares for many. Imagine the changes that could occur with 3 degree Celsius changes? The new climate change is predicted to cause frequent and severe changes to our ecosystems, food production, flora, fauna, health and wellbeing. You might as well think, why should only Australians contribute to mitigating climate change? Australia has greater resources to be a global leader in reducing carbon emissions. We have some of the finest renewable energy technology in the world and why not? Australia has experienced some of the worst effects of global warming than any other country in the world. Let’s analyze Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

A report states that 15% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in2019, emitting 76.5 million tonnes came from the Agriculture sector. Cutting agriculture costs is not easy but it is possible. The non-animal emissions can be aimed at reduction. Solar farms have proved to be one of the best renewable energy sources for farmers, which can help them cut emissions at the same time reduce electricity costs. Moreover, electrical vehicles can hugely contribute to reducing emissions as that reduces the dependency on fossil fuels. One additional benefit of electric vehicles is that they can be charged back from solar generated electricity, leading to a cleaner environment. 

PV magazine published an article recently stating Buildings are considered to be a major driver of emissions. The figures mentioned, buildings account for 32% of energy use and 19% of energy-related greenhouse gases in the form of heating, cooling, lighting, appliances, and machinery. It is clearly seen that most of the greenhouse emissions of the building come from electrical appliances. Solar power energy is the way to reduce it. The buildings need to be built with a structure that can have solar power installed for the clean energy and reducing utility bills. Commercial solar systems are highly efficient at reducing the utility bills and generate enough power to meet all the electricity needs of the commercial plant. If you have a commercial property and are looking at reducing your electricity bills while contributing to the environment. Arise Solar is the perfect solution. Get the best price for your commercial plant with high efficiency products today.

Contribute to a cleaner environment!

We can do our bit to contribute to a cleaner environment. Talk to your friends and family about climate change. Educate them about how and what they can do to mitigate it. Try to reduce your water and food waste. It is said if you save water, you save lives and if you do not waste food you feed the poor. Lastly, switch to renewables. Switch to solar energy because it is free and in abundance. Install a rooftop solar at your property and reduce your carbon footprints. And yes, also save huge on electricity bills. Speak to our experts today to get the solar quote for your property. 

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