10 benefits of solar energy you might not know

  • Energy saving during long distance transport
  • Job growth leading to economic impact
  • Positive effect on individual finances
  • Savings begin immediately with Arise Solar
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March 11, 2022

10 benefits of solar energy you might not know

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that does not produce or emit any greenhouse gases because it doesn’t require fuel, wind or water to generate energy. This is one of the major benefits of solar energy, however, there are few other benefits of installing solar including finance and environment that you might not know. Let’s learn more about them.

1. Low maintenance, minimum to 0 production costs

Solar energy doesn’t really need outside energy to work, so the maintenance and energy generation costs are minimum to zero. The only costs solar panels count for are the initial installation and component costs. This means that not much additional costs are associated with solar PV systems over the lifespan of solar, thus, leading to fast recovery of the initial amount invested. A typical 6.6kW solar system usually pays off within 5-7 years. Our technical solar consultants can study your electricity bills in detail and help you learn more about your investment and return on it.

2. Reduction in Air Pollution

Fossil fuels emit a lot of pollutants. Smog, dirty air is really bad for the environment and also our health because the smog gets trapped in the atmosphere, leading to adverse effects on our health. Solar panels help you reduce air pollution. Solar panels generate clean energy and thus reduce pollution.

3. Simple and flexible installation

Installing solar panels on the roof isn’t a tough job for an experienced solar installer. If your roof has space, you can install solar panels the way it best suits you. It can be placed north, north east and North West. However, there isn’t much problem with the horizontal or vertical installation. It can be installed both ways. And the best part here is, if in future your energy demands increase, you can add extra panels to the already existing solar system. 

4. Less water usage

As said earlier, solar energy does not need fossil fuels to function and it doesn’t even require water. Hydropower and nuclear energy use a lot of water to generate electricity. For generating electricity through other methods, the infrastructure and space is required. Installing solar power systems does not use water and does not require space and infrastructure as well, thus, leading to less negative impacts. Solar Energy is one of the best ways to reduce water usage and solve the scarcity issue.

5. Energy saving during long distance transport

We tend to lose some energy while transportation and distribution of energy happens. The energy may not be huge, but it does affect the populated areas. When solar panels are installed at a place, the transportation and distance issue reduces. Solar panels can be highly efficient in providing and generating clean energy for the property they are installed on. 

6. Helps fight climate change

In recent days Australia has seen flood disasters causing loss of life, communities being impacted and irreversible damages. The sea level changes and weather changing patterns have had a huge negative impact and thus Australia can expect boiling days, little cold days and more heat waves. With little effort and consciousness from our side we can save ourselves from the consequences of climate change. The increase in natural calamities is the result of global warming and other weather conditions. The energy use is only going to increase with time. And thus the shift to renewable energy needs to be faster. We at Arise Solar believe every Australian homeowner should be able to generate their own electricity and thus we are offering $0 upfront cost solar for a limited period. Arise Solar can help you reduce your carbon emissions and switch to solar hassle free. Speak to our team to learn more .

7. Job growth leading to economic impact

According to a latest report of Australian renewable Energy Agency Solar PV generated approximately 10 per cent of Australia’s electricity in 2020-21, and is the fastest growing generation type in Australia. More than 30 per cent of Australian households now have rooftop solar PV, with a combined capacity exceeding 11 GW. This means that the demand for clean energy is increasing and thus leading to more jobs and stronger support for the local businesses. Investing in solar energy is like supporting the community by increasing the opportunities for the workforce. The more jobs created leads to positive economic growth.

8. Improved public health

Air pollution and other types of pollution can lead to various health issues like respiratory issues, asthma symptoms and the list goes on. Choosing renewable energy doesn’t only cause a positive impact on the environment but also public health. Reducing pollution can reduce several health issues.

9. Positive effect on individual finances

Installing solar panels has a positive effect on individual finances. We are all aware of the financial incentives associated with solar. The Australian government offers rebates which cuts almost 40-50% cost of installing solar at the property. Moreover, the homeowners benefit from the feed in tariffs and are able to save almost 70-90% on their electricity bills. If looked in the long run, homeowners save a good amount of money by investing in solar as it provides faster ROI. 

10. Savings begin immediately with Arise Solar

Every contribution towards nature counts. Installing solar at your property is easy now. Arise Solar is offering $0 immediate expense solar. This means you pay $0 to secure your solar deal with us, with zero interest finance and immediate savings, ultimately leading to $0 immediate solar expenses. Most of the homeowners are eligible to pay no money upfront. Speak to one of our solar experts and learn more about your eligibility for the rebates and $0 immediate expense solar program.

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