Finding the Perfect Solar Panel Sydney

Finding the Perfect Solar Panel Sydney

Electricity generation from renewable sources has grown significantly in Australia over the last few years. Notably, Solar power has become a versatile and affordable way to generate power for your home or business. Having a solar power system installed is easy and affordable, with solar panels combined with an inverter to provide cheap and reliable power throughout the year. If you’re looking for a solar panel Sydney provider, there are more options out there than ever before.

Solar power in Sydney

According to Clean Energy Regulator data, the installation of solar panels has exceeded the two million mark in Australia. While sunny Queensland and progressive South Australia are leading the charge with almost one-third of homes covered in solar panels, installations in New South Wales are starting to catch up. While there’s still a lot of work to do across the state with solar adoption at just 15 percent, Sydney, in particular, has seen more panels on rooftops over the last few years.

Sydney is one of the most beautiful, and sunniest, cities in the world. The combination of great weather and affordable solar panels is ideal for anyone who wants to save money on energy bills and do something positive for the environment. According to separate figures from Energy Synapse, many Australians are doing just that, with a 30 per cent jump in solar and wind power installations across the country in 2018. If you’re looking for a solar panel Sydney provider, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect solution for your home.

Elements of a solar power system

Solar power doesn’t have to be complicated, with most residential and commercial systems consisting of just two components: solar panels, and a solar inverter. In addition to these two central components, tracking technology and wiring are also needed. While you can add solar batteries to store your own electricity, the vast majority of Australians choose to remain connected to the electricity grid and sell their power back when possible.

  • Solar power systems take advantage of semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. Specially designed solar panels consist of an array of solar cells that use photovoltaic technology to convert light energy into electricity.
  • A solar inverter is needed to convert direct current into usable alternating current. The size of the solar inverter needs to match the capacity of the solar panels, with 5kw and 10kw systems often used by residential homes, and larger systems used by businesses according to their power needs.

Trusted solar panel Sydney providers

With rising demand and a bigger market than ever, consumers can choose between multiple solar power companies. Making the right decision doesn’t have to be difficult, however, as long as you do some homework first. The technology used should always play the most important role in your decision, with quality equipment and flexible configurations both essential considerations.

Along with the technology itself, it’s also crucial to look into warranties, standards, finance agreements, and whether or not an installation and maintenance service is available. If you’re looking for the best solar panel Sydney provider for your home or business, please give us a call on 1300 274 737 at Arise Solar today.

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