The Many Benefits Of a Commercial Solar System

The Many Benefits Of a Commercial Solar System

Solar panels have become ubiquitous on residential rooftops across Australia. From small inner-city terraces to large suburban houses and rural properties, solar panels are the ideal way to reduce your energy bills. The wonders of solar are not limited to households, however, with an increasing number of Australian businesses also choosing to get on-board.

At Arise Solar, we offer a wide selection of solar packages, from small 5kw residential systems to large 50kw and 100kw commercial solar systems. We are among the leading commercial solar companies in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, thanks to our combination of high quality products and low prices.

Increased commercial solar system adoption

The Australian commercial sector has seen the increased adoption of solar power over recent years, with clean energy set to provide 35% of Australia’s total electricity needs by 2022. While wind power and hydro will account for some of this capacity, most of this renewable power will come from solar panel installations. There are multiple large-scale solar farms already being constructed across Australia, along with a sharp rise in small-scale commercial solar system installations.

Benefits of commercial solar power

Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from solar power, with commercial solar companies able to tailor the size of the installation based on the needs of the client. At Arise Solar, we specialise in commercial solar projects across Australia, including the large markets of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Along with reducing your energy bills, solar power can also make your business more self-sufficient and ready for the future.

  • Reduced energy bills – For many, the primary reason for installing solar power systems is energy use reduction. Electricity is a major expense for modern businesses, but a one-time investment into a new solar system will save you money for years to come.
  • Lower carbon footprint – Solar power is already having a significant impact on carbon reduction rates across the world and this amazing technology will play a huge role in our adoption of sustainable energy in the future. The commercial sector is, unfortunately, a major contributor to climate change, underlining how important commercial solar solutions are for us all.
  • Enhanced corporate reputation – Installing a commercial solar system is a great way to enhance your corporate reputation and promote yourself as an industry and community leader. Solid environmental credentials have a number of positive flow-on effects.
  • Future infrastructure investment – Solar panels are a clever investment because they protect your business against further electricity price rises. While there is an initial cost, a high quality solar system from Arise Solar is a great way to invest in the future of your business and the planet.

If you’re looking for a commercial solar panel system from the industry leaders, please contact the friendly team at Arise Solar today.

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